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Obninskorgsintez is a leader in the Russian market for antifreeze agents, motor oils, lubricants and other specialised motor fluids. SINTEC antifreeze agents and SINTOIL motor oils are well known and in-demand in Russia, as well as inside and outside the CIS.
PIK Group of Companies
The PIK Group of Companies is a leading Russian developer that implements projects in Moscow, the Moscow Region and other regions of Russia.
Auchan Holding is a French corporation that is represented all over the world. It is one of the major retail operators. Auchan is the main part of the Association Familiale Mulliez.
Lotte Confectionery Ltd.
Lotte Confectionery Ltd. is a member of the Southern Korean Lotte Group that was founded in 1967. The Group operates in the spheres of confectionary, beverages, hotels and fast food restaurants, stores, financial companies, chemicals, electronics, information technologies, publishing and entertainment.
D.A. Rus
This Korean company is a resident of Vorsino Industrial Park, and focuses on the manufacturing of plastic and rubber products. The company is a partner and a supplier of components to LG Electronics, Samsung and Hyundai.
Sanatmetal Ltd. is a Hungarian company that has been manufacturing and selling traumatology implants since 1967.
Integrated Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The Integrated Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences carries out research and studies in the fields of seismology and geophysics.
Ecodolie Group of Companies
The Ecodolie Group of Companies was founded in October 2007 and is the leader in the Russian market for the construction of low-rise affordable housing.
Mosoblstroy Construction Directorate
This company constructs multi-storey residential buildings of the economy class. It is one of the major developers in Obninsk.
The Belarus KMK Group of Companies has been operating in the CIS markets since 1989, and is one of the leading Belarusian developers in the sphere of housing construction.
Realt Management
Realt Management is responsible for building the New Boulevard block in the Zaovrazhye District of Obninsk, Kaluga Region.
Novy Gorod
For more than 10 years, Novy Gorod has been building residential and retail properties in Obninsk, ranging from economy to premium class.
Sparta is a developer operating in the Zvezdny and Zvezdny Gorodok neighborhoods in Obninsk, Kaluga Region.
United House Group of Companies
This company constructs residential buildings in the Obninsk, Borovsk and Zhukovsk Districts of Kaluga Region.
LLC SberStroyInvest
LLC SberStroyInvest is a developer operating in the residential (urban and suburban) and retail real estate segments in the Obninsk, Borovsk and Zhukovsk Districts of Kaluga Region
The AKOND Group of Companies includes Akond-Stroy, 7 Auto, TST Stroitelny na 101 km, Akond-Print, Severny construction hypermarket, Stalnoy Uzor, PSK VORSA, Korobeiniki shopping mall, Versailles hotel and bar, and the Link Studio advertising agency. A strategic area of the Group is the construction of residential and retail real estate.
LLC Smolensk Plant
This is one of major plants for the manufacturing of reinforced concrete products in the Smolensk Region, which sells its products throughout the Central Federal District of Russia.
TECHPRO was founded in 1990. TECHPRO focuses on the manufacturing of vans for all types of trucks, trailers and semitrailers. Its current output is about 600 trucks per year.
GEO TOTAL offers conventional and revolutionary measuring devices, geodetic devices, repairs, design tools and construction equipment for the Russian market.
NIKA Production Company
For over ten years, NIKA has offered a wide range of water-heated and electric towel rails, as well as heater designs. Its product range includes over one hundred items with about nine thousand different types and sizes.
One of the longest-running and major car service stations in Obninsk, Takob is the town leader in car tyre sales and services.
Since 2004, the company has been successful in developing the national innovative infrastructure system.
Rehabilitation Centre
The Rehabilitation Centre was the first private healthcare clinic to be founded in Obninsk in 1991, and it still remains one of the best healthcare institutions in the city.
This is a modern private healthcare clinic in Obninsk that focuses on surgery and arthroplasty.
Doctor Dent
The Doctor Dent dental clinic was founded in 2007, based on the Stomatology and Implantology Department of the Medical Radiological Research Centre.
Chocolaterie coffee houses
Today, the Chocolaterie network of coffee houses is one of the leading and most steadily developing companies in the sphere of restaurant businesses in Moscow, other Russian regions and the CIS.
Fazenda coffee shop
One of the most popular coffee shops in Obninsk, with a large space and a distinctive design. It is a member of the Leader Group.
Beer Street
One of the largest and most popular restaurants in Obninsk, Beer Street is a member of the Leader Group.
Varviks focuses on the manufacturing of frozen uncooked foods. The Varviks plant has been operating since 1997, and its products are supplied to 37 regions of Russia.
LLC MPK Obninsky
Since 2000, LLC MPK Obninsky has been manufacturing 60 product items. The company is a part of the UNION FOODS Group.

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