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StroyPolyService R&D Company (SPS Project) was founded in 2002. We offer the successful delivery of any projects, from the registration of the title for the land plot to the commissioning of constructed real estate assets and the registration of their titles.

Our team has been involved in many large-scale and ambitious projects in the Obninsk and Kaluga Regions:

- Development plan for Residential Block No. 38 in Obninsk, 2006-2008

This land plot, with the total area of 13 hectares, is located in Obninsk Town, Kaluga Region. The SPS Project task force formalised the rights to the plot, and prepared the master layout plan of the area that included 10 high-rise residential buildings with attached retail and office premises, a standalone multi-purpose centre with an area of 10,000 sq. m, a park and nursery school for 150-200 children. We designed and managed the connection of external utility networks to the block, and we constructed and commissioned three 9-storey residential buildings with the attached retail and office premises. The rights to the rest of the project were further transferred to the PIK Group of Companies.

- Volkswagen plant in Kaluga, 2007

In 2007, the SPS Project task force prepared a land plot with an area of 90 hectares. The rights to the land plot were further registered and transferred to Volkswagen Rus Kaluga. The plant is currently in operation.

- Vorsino Industrial Park, 2007-2009

Our team was directly involved in the creation of Vorsino Industrial Park. This land plot is located to the north-east of the Kaluga Region – in Borovsk District, at the border between the Kaluga and Moscow Regions.
The total area of the Industrial Park is 971 hectares. Our team actively contributed to the delivery of this project.

Owing to our contribution to the SPS Project, many renowned companies such as Samsung Electronics, PPG, L'Oréal, John Deere, KT&G, Onvest Oy, SNT-GROUP Oy, Sormat Oy and others were attracted to the Industrial Park.

- Development plan for Block No. 55 in Obninsk, 2009, 2016 (adjustment)

This land plot with a total area of 21.5 hectares is located in the north-eastern part of Obninsk, Kaluga Region. The designed population was 7,824 persons. The project consisted of the construction of a modern compound composed of high-rise apartment blocks, retail facilities, a transport and social infrastructure, and a school for 1,200 students. The project will be delivered by the PIK Group of Companies.

- Adjustment of the development plan for Zaovrazhye District in Obninsk, 2013

The Zaovrazhye residential neighbourhood, designed to cover a total area of 157 hectares, is located in the northern part of Obninsk. The total designed area of the apartments was 746,228 sq. m. It was designed so that 25,000 persons will be accommodated here, whereas the total population of Obninsk is 115,000 people. This neighbourhood is the focal area of the Obninsk town development.

Apart from the residential buildings of various types, the development includes an extensive social infrastructure with four schools, five nursery schools, religious buildings, a sports centre, a hospital, a shopping mall, office buildings and district administration, social and amenity premises. At present, FSK Leader, Belarus KMK Group and Novy Gorod have participated in the project.

- Neighborhood development plan, Perspektivnaya street in Kaluga, 2014

This land plot is located in the northern part of Kaluga, in the area of Perspektivnaya Street, and is a part of the Swiss Village neighbourhood. The area is 5.07 hectares. The construction design includes a residential block of mid-rise buildings (4-5 floors). The total area of the apartments in the residential block was 25,232 sq. m and it was intended to accommodate 841 persons.

- Neighborhood development plan, Kurchatova street in Obninsk, 2016

The SPS Project task force developed the concepts for the principal urban development of this neighbourhood, including its architectural and space planning concepts, building composition and transport infrastructure. The construction design included residential buildings consisting of multi-storey buildings of different heights.
The total residential area of the neighbourhood is 10,209 sq. m. and it will accommodate 1,713 persons. The project will be delivered by the PIK Group of Companies.

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